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Getting Started

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Getting Started Empty Getting Started

Post by Noella on February 19th 2020, 11:41 pm

Welcome, Guest!

We welcome you to SKINS with a warm handshake. As a new member of SKINS, we have a clear idea of what you might be thinking. What do I do after I've registered? Or something along those lines. It's pretty easy to get started on SKINS. follow the short list below and you'll be roleplaying in no time!

REMEMBER: One username account per user. All your characters are played on one account.

1. Read all of the Rules and Guides. It's important to understand the Lore or how to set up your character biography. If you have questions about any of the guides, please use our Help forum or the help channel in our discord server.

2. Create you character. We have various guides to assist in character creation such as the Alignment guide or facts about Mandanes and SKINS. Most of our stuff on SKINS is open source, so feel free to ask if you're unsure about something. Once you've posted your biography in the designated forum(Mundanes, SKINS or Peacekeepers, alert a staff member for a quick read and acceptance. Keep in mind that each character you wish to create on SKINS must have a biography before they can enter the roleplay.

3. Enter the roleplay! Characters can start anywhere in the roleplay. Not ready to start a thread yourself? Check out our AW Threads List on our discord server or search for any thread marked (AW) and post your reply to the thread of your choice.

And that's our list! Told you it was short. If you have any problems with anything or you find yourself unable to communicate via the Help Forum or Discord Channel, please PM a staff member and we will get you squared away.

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