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Mundanes Empty Mundanes

Post by Noella on February 20th 2020, 12:17 pm

Meaning of "Mundane"
Mundanes are human beings who do not possess the ability to change their SKIN. Mundanes can be somewhat related to the definition of Mundane from Classandra Clares' "City of Bones". Mundanes in this case are humans who may or may not have a bitterness towards the SKINs themselves and believe that SKINS are some sort of witchcraft and sorcery.

Mundane City
Mundanes reside in Mundane City, a place that closely resembles New York City but more fantasy and probably prettier that New York. Because most Mundanes live off the occupation to hunt SKINS, they live a reasonable life of luxury.  

Mundane Skills
Mundanes rely on their skills with weaponry as opposed to their foes who rely on both weaponry but mainly the strengths of the animals they change into. It may seem unfair, but Mundanes have better resources that SKINS which gives them a steeper advantage against tooth and claw. Mundanes are considered "fragile" and therefore make up for their sensitivity by carrying weapons with greater power or force.

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