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Post by Noella on February 19th 2020, 4:54 pm

What is a SKIN?
SKINS in this roleplay refers to the shape the human takes of the animal they decide to shift into. For example, all shifters have a "Natural SKIN". This SKIN is their human form. Shifter are born human and later pick what SKIN they prefer to use. Each character can have a maximum amount of three preferred SKINS. Why the limit you may ask? Three SKINS maximum seems both fair and reasonable to avoid any power playing. This rule does have a potential to change. SKINS can be of any animal, water, land or sky and exist between any time period.

Zodiac Village
Home to the SKINS, Zodiac Village may remind you of a small country town with houses spread out in the wilderness and a lot of dirt roads. While there is a main road that connects Zodiac Village with the rest of the world, SKINS may prefer their forested environment. SKINS share the Moderation of the rest of the world, they just live out in the wilderness.

While Mundanes rely on their weaponry and armor, SKINS rely on the strengths of their SKINS. While not all animals are fierce predators, harmless SKINS are useful in sciences, defenses and strategy. Weapons for a SKIN may be on the lighter side, as they prefer to use their SKINS although it is not unheard of for a fierce-less SKIN to carry heavier weaponry and armor.

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