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Expanding the World!

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Expanding the World! Empty Expanding the World!

Post by Noella on March 13th 2020, 11:09 pm

Nothing is better in the roleplay than exploring new areas within the roleplay world. I've made some new additions to the RP areas which includes additions to Mundane City and Aspen Heights as well as two new areas which are Huntington and The Reserve Feel free to explore the areas listed below! Remember, members can request new areas at any time.

Aspen Heights
- Aspen Heights Police Department

Mundane City
- Gas and Go
- Ironhoof Stables
- Mundane City Police Department

- Countryside Diner
- Huntington Inn
- The Iton Body
- General Store

The Reserve
- Whysteria Meadows
- Greypine Forest
- The Burn
- Pebble Creek

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